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General Feedback
From driving the cars, a speaker you heard, an EV owner you spoke with, another participant etc.
Were you satisfied with...
How did you find the driving experience? (driving or passenger) / If you had not driven an EV before did you feel well supported and confident to try it? / If you brought your car on the trip how was this experience for you, especially sharing it with others?
Public events included: - Launch event at the Burj Al Arab - Dinner in Abu Dhabi - Finale event & Conference at The Sustainable City
/ Did you enjoy sharing your experiences with the public? / Did you enjoy the activities? / Did you learn from the speakers?
How did you find the accommodation, food and drink throughout the trip?
Final Thoughts
Do you have any new ideas we could add to the EVRT experience, or further suggestions for improvements?
Anything else you would like to add...