Before The Flood by Leonardo DiCaprio: Global EVRT's Film Screening In Dubai

On the 1st November 2016 Global EVRT brought together a diverse group of people to watch Leonardo Dicaprio’s latest film, ‘Before The Flood’, which addresses the critical global issue of climate change.With such an impactful film as this our goal was to share reactions, ideas and knowledge on the issues raised, and harness the momentum created by the film to ensure its impact was lasting within a community of people here in Dubai.

We were impressed at the wide range of climate change contribution topics that was covered in the film. Our planet’s outdated use of fossil fuels naturally took a starring role, but topics of transport, palm oil and fracking were also included. We were particularly impressed, and many in the room particularly shocked, to see the huge emphasis put on the meat and dairy industry. Often this is a topic campaigners shy away form in the climate change discussion as it can be so hard to solve (no one wants to hear they need to change their diet), but Before The Flood presents the facts very directly.

What we particularly loved about the film was the great sense of optimism and empowerment that it leaves you with. There are solutions put forward, some more achievable than others, and though many are government level there is a great list of things that people can do in their day to day lives to make a real change too.

The wonderful aspiration that we must do everything in our power, however big or small, to protect our fragile yet beautiful planet is captured in DiCaprio’s meeting with ex-astronaut Piers Sellers. The terminally ill scientist continues to dedicate the remaining months of his life to fighting climate change. He does so with an inspiring amount of positivity and hope for humanity.

In a recent interview with National Geographic Piers Sellers tells how he is “optimistic that human rationality and common sense will prevail.” He believes that “it’s going to take technical innovation to get us out of trouble” and we, at Global EVRT, could not agree more. In fact, Leo also agrees, and there is a particularly exciting moment in the film when he meets with one of our heros, Elon Musk (of Tesla electric vehicles). DiCaprio visits Musk’s latest sustainable energy initiative that could, quite literally, allow the world to be powered from solar energy! 

The government of the UAE, with Vision 2021, are delivering some truly fantastic initiatives to move to a more sustainable economy. Global EVRT events create the open forum for interactions between people from all walks of life, and this film screening brought in government commentators, senior delegates, sustainability professionals, young entrepreneurs and those simply interested to learn more. Questions were asked on every-day topics of how people are affected by climate change here in the UAE, and how we can each help make the necessary changes. There was a fantastic spirit in the open forum we created that will continue through all Global EVRT events. We believe this is important in the transition to sustainable living, that knowledge is shared, questions are asked and communities support each other through the transition.

Climate change is humanity’s biggest ever challenge, and it’s a complicated one to resolve. However, as Leonardo DiCaprio preaches in Before The Flood: we do have the power to make the move to a more sustainable way of living, whether that’s eating less meat, investing in solar panels or buying an electric vehicle. There are many daily decisions that we as individuals can make that have a huge impact on preserving our planet.

You can watch a highlight reel from the film screening below, and scenes from the film can still be watched on the below link. If you've not yet seen it we urge you to do so, for an informative and inspiring overview of the climate change challenge, and consider what small, or large, step you can take to contributing to a more sustainable society.

**You can still watch some key scenes from Before The Flood online for free ( , and read some excellent articles on the topics covered in the film. We could not recommend watching the full film in the cinema more highly, for an accessible, informative and up to date overview of the challenges climate change poses and how you can help.