EV Predictions 2017

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2016 was a year that saw the masses demonstrate their confidence in electric vehicle technology, and with it the manufacturers that build the cars. In March Tesla launched it’s Model 3 vehicle and within a matter of months had amassed a gigantic 400,000 units pre-ordered. With the Model 3 on the horizon, which has a range of just under 400km and a price tag of $35,000, rival players in the market showed that they can step up to the plate and match the range and price tag. Renault for example released the new Zoe model at the Paris Motor Show in November with a new range of 400 km and al cost of around $18,000 - $25,000, depending on the option to lease the battery.

On the technology side, autonomous driving took the world by storm. We saw some great innovations coming from car companies, with Tesla demonstrating their leadership and willingness to apply their innovations as early as possible.

RENAULT zoe launch at the paris motor show 2016

RENAULT zoe launch at the paris motor show 2016

With Europe, Asia, and the US already contributing to a growth in electric vehicle adoption, the Middle East started their journey towards electric vehicle integration. Jordan ordered the largest order of Renault Zoes since its releases in 2013 and built a number of Telsa Superchargers to supply charge for a growing number of Tesla Vehicles. In the UAE a group called Tesla Arabia was established to bring together and support the growing number of Tesla owners and their vehicles in the country. Currently the figure stands at around 60 cars and is growing week on week. The group released a video aimed at Elon Musk entitled Bring Tesla to the UAE which had a message of just that; the UAE is ready and waiting for Tesla.


With all major economies across the world now engaged on some level with electric vehicles, 2017 is looking set to be a big year for electric vehicle adoption and technology advancement.


Here are the EV predictions for 2017 from our team, partners and experts in the industry:


1. “Electric cars will go further on one charge using higher energy density batteries that are the same physical size.” Robert Llewellyn, Fully Charged

2. “Electric cars will continue to get cheaper to manufacture. That doesn't always mean they will be cheaper to buy.” Robert Llewellyn, Fully Charged

3. “Electric cars will start to be more integrated into the grid, both receiving and delivering power as a storage device.” Robert Llewellyn, Fully Charged

4 .“2017 is the year where people in the UAE will discover the indisputable benefits of EVs!” Karim, The Sustainable City, Dubai

5. “The UAE will jump the EV band-wagon in 2017, and position itself as a regional leader in EV uptake.” Karim, The Sustainable City, Dubai

6. “10% of all new cars built will be battery powered in 2017 (Inclusive of PHEV).” Afeez Kay, Global EVRT

7 .“Ben will have a Tesla by the end of 2017 (rent, buy or borrow!)” Ben Pullen, Global EVRT

8. “The UAE will reach 200 charging stations (both public and private). Currently the figure stands at around 115.” Ben Pullen, Global EVRT

9. “Cost for lithium-ion battery packs to fall by 10%.” James Wight, Global EVRT

10. “Some Dutch guy will be the first to cross the Middle East by EV.” Wiebe Wakker, Plug Me In

11. “Some Dutch guy will be the first to reach Australia by EV.” Wiebe Wakker, Plug Me In

12. “Some Dutch guy will have the unofficial record of longest distance traveled by EV on a single trip.” Wiebe Wakker, Plug Me In

13. “Netherlands will have more charging stations than gas stations in 2017.” Wiebe Wakker, Plug Me In

14. “2017 will be a great year for smart-charging.” Wiebe Wakker, Plug Me In

15. “Because popularity for EV is rising, more accessories will hit the market this year.” Wiebe Wakker, Plug Me In

16. “2017 will be the year that EV gains popularity by the masses with the introduction of mid-range and affordable cars like the Chevy Bolt, Hyundai Ioniq and Tesla Model 3.” Wiebe Wakker, Plug Me In

17. “Electric Cars will not only be imported into the UAE and Gulf Region, but that they will be designed and built here.” Peter Farrington, Dubai Municipality

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